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pierrethiaultPierre Thiault. Atlanta based SEO Consultant. 23 Years in digital media. also provides with pay per click management in Atlanta.
Telephone: 770.452.777
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patrice177Patrice Krysztofiak iOS developper and French Consultant based in Burgundy France.
15 Years of experience.
App Store optimization and Download Growth Hacker.
Telephone: +33.972 139 536
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In the (Digital) Beginning

international search engine optimization agencyWhen the internet (international network) emerged in the late 80’s/early-to-mid 90’s, people were slowly but surely managing to create their own websites, some for personal reasons, others for business purposes. Because it was just the beginning of what would become an essential part of internet life, there was not much focus on website traffic. It just didn’t occur to anyone. Over the ensuing years, more and more folks were proud to simply have a website; not many people paid attention to whether anyone visited those websites or even ever saw them. Those days have changed, haven’t they?

Quickly, some would say moving exponentially at the speed of light, hoards of people jumped on the internet bandwagon and started their own blogs, journaling away from topics ranging from home life and recipes to more complex and technical areas like advanced hydrodynamics and applied math and physics. No idea was too trivial and no matter the subject, people had stuff to say…and sell…and lots of it! But the next logical question was: how do they get more people to come to their websites, blogs and online stores to see what they had to offer? Answer: search engine optimization, or SEO, as most people refer to it these days. And soon, everyone would realize that it is an absolute requisite to find an affordable and reliable SEO agency.

SEO for your Blog

The first task of a blogger is to make sure people read their blog! If they couldn’t get that to happen, what value did that blog have to anyone? Yes people, please have your website optimized! What you have to say, matters! When you hire a competent agency that specializes in SEO, they will first analyze your website from the inside out. They will meticulously evaluate the infrastructure of your site, i.e., the html code, how you manage your images and content, and more.

papel roto wordpressAn important factor to focus on is that even though your website looks beautiful to you and works seamlessly, it might not necessarily be optimal for search engines. What that means is, when Google, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, Bing and other search engines’ bots come to scan your site, they aren’t looking for something nice looking; bots don’t judge that. They are, however, looking to see that you’re doing things right, i.e., conforming to all their rules and regulations while also presenting essential content pertinent to your personal website or ecommerce business. These bots will inspect your site and what they deem will result in your position on a search engine, whether it’s Yahoo, Bing or Google.

Local, National and international SEO for your Ecommerce

Websites using Prestashop, Magento and a myriad of other ecommerce frameworks do need to pay special attention to what they are doing SEO-wise. The smallest problematic detail in or on the site can have seriously negative and counter productive outcomes for your placement on Google, for example. This can be shockingly detrimental to your business and one bad day of search engine results can lead to a decrease in web traffic and consequent sales. This has the power to stress out any businessman or businesswoman, all in one fell swoop. How are website owners suppose to know all this? If you don’t have an SEO consultant, you really must do your homework and catch up on this topic. It is absolutely vital for your business. If you have hired a good SEO agency, you should be in good hands. According to your goals you might prefer an agency specializing in local, national or international search engine optimization.

SEO Competence is Key

It is a website owner’s responsibility to find an SEO agency he can trust. After all, it is his or her livelihood and reputation at stake. How can you pick an agency you can rely on? A capable SEO agency has been in business a while, knows the in’s and out’s of drawing people to your website on Google and other engines. The agency does not necessarily need to be in your home country. If, say, you’re in the U.S., you can use a French SEO agency if they work worldwide (and are multilingual) and if they are reputable. Don’t be afraid to ask for references because if they are good and dependable, they will happily offer these. They should have an excellent track record and easily be experienced with the following:

  1. knowing how to analyze your site’s infrastructure;
  2. detecting whether a penalty has been applied to the site, then working efficiently to remove that penalty;
  3. performing the necessary link cleaning and,
  4. striving to help you with anything else that is required to improve your position on search engines, thereby improving overall web traffic, and getting a more targeted market to your online store or business website—all of which leads to increased reach, sales and profit.

A international SEO Company in the USA

Are you ready to optimize your website or don’t know where to start?
Feel free to call in Atlanta Georgia: 770.452.1777 , they have been working locally and internationally in Search Engine Optimization for more than 10 years and have been in business since 1992 !

A French Consultant in France

If you prefer to work personnaly with me ( Patrice Krysztofiak ), you can drop me an email at ( in English or in French ). I can work on international Search engine optimization for France, Belgium, the UK, the USA, Canada and Germany.

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