anchorium500Anchorium is a free SEO software for Mac that will help you monitor the inbound linking to your website(s). It is absolutely free of charge and does NOT have an option for in-app purchases.

Our humble SEO company is very happy to deliver this tool to you, and we hope you will find it very useful.

Anchorium – Version 1.0 Beta

This first version of Anchorium has been designed to set a solid foundation so that future versions will continuously enhance it. Similar to what the Google bot does; Anchorium scans and analyzes websites as thoroughly as possible. With these evolving versions of Anchorium, you might find glitches now and again. If you do please drop me an email so that I can take a look at it and fix them.

The importance of InBound Linking in SEO

InBound netlinking is a very powerful SEO strategy, but sometimes it’s difficult to remember what has been done to which links and to where they link. Generally, we all understand very well how tricky it is to keep track of links. Anchorium will help you with this task.

The software is free but we have launched a Kickstarter program in case you would like to help us release a more advanced version (click here to check out the Kickstarter page). Your donation will truly be appreciated and no amount is too small!


The Next versions should integrate :

  • Search filters (to locate a known page)
  • Bookmarks of pages (Allows a rescanning of a web site and keep interesting pages in mind)
  • Your suggestions! (please help us via Kickstarter!)

Please note that this software is absolutely free. It is not a Software as a service (no monthly fee or in-app purchases), meaning it does not rely on our servers, so processing speed may vary depending on your computer speed and your internet connection.

We hope that this software will help you improve your visibility on the major search engines, as it did for us.

Don’t forget to drop us a line with your suggestions or ideas. We would really like to make Anchorium a premium tool for the small businesses in need of SEO assistance.

Click here to download Anchorium for Mac directly from this link.

It will soon be available in the App Store (it is currently pending review).

A Propos De l'Auteur

Patrice Krysztofiak

Programmeur de formation, j'en suis venu au référencement naturel pour promouvoir mes propres logiciels. De fil en aiguille j'en suis arrivé à proposer des prestations de référencement à mes proches, puis mon activité s'est progressivement transformée jusqu'a devenir une agence SEO.Vous pouvez aussi me contacter par téléphone au